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Classics Anew 新裝如初,Modern simplicity meets a classic and rich heritage in our designs that breathe new life into a bygone era of oriental romanticism. Novel designs with traditional craft details make a perfect combination. Each piece is a tribute to traditional Chinese clothing culture.

Organic cotton, linen, denim and silk in neutral hues are woven and shaped into designs crafted for everyday comfort. With the same consideration and thoughtfulness of tailors of the past, each design is made to endure, using materials and techniques that value sustainability and embrace an eco-friendly philosophy.



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Fashion designer Janko Lam started her career creating traditional Chinese costumes for stage and drama productions. While backstage, she learned techniques first-hand, and was inspired by the heritage and history of Chinese fashion. Her passion for preserving and promoting the art of vintage Chinese clothing has shaped her journey. Seeking to bring a nostalgic and romantic era of Chinese design into the world of modern fashion, she stepped into the spotlight as a designer in her own right and founded label Classics Anew in 2014.

As a recipient of the Eco-Chic Design Award from Redress, and following a subsequent collaboration with Esprit, Lam focused on sustainable fashion. This has seen her designs showcased in exhibitions around the world, with one showpiece part of a permanent collection at the Hong Kong Heritage Museum.

Her elegant reinterpretation of the cheongsam, using recycled fabric, shaped Lam’s reputation in the industry. She continues to share and promote the culture and knowledge of cheongsam around the world, and, through her devotion to oriental fashion design, continues to elevate Chinese fashion heritage today.

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