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We have always been creating modern and everyday Chinese clothing by adopting modern aesthetics and functionality at the same time adhering to the value of humanities and craftsmanship. We take pride in our talented and highly-skilled craftsmen, as each product is made with delicateness and patience. The masterpieces under their hands represent the continuation of the artistry and the commitment to preserve the brand’s roots and value.



With the mission to inherit the workmanship, we acknowledge the need to put efforts in education and promotion. We published “別出心裁:香港華服製造的故事”, in hope of recording our work in words and provide more references for those who are interested in Chinese clothing. We established the Classics Anew Academy in 2015, and later on the charitable organisation "Hong Kong Chinese Cultural Activities Promotion Association" to promote Chinese culture through different lectures, courses and educational initiatives. We then further set up online courses to share the artistry of Chinese clothing through the Internet and spread the knowledge around the world. Our larger vision is to encourage further research and development of local craft, so as to promote and popularise the inheritance of delicate skills, and allow the exquisite expertise to shine through the years and be passed onto generations.

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We love the earth and are committed to doing our part to protect our nature.

We hope to offer the most excellent products from our brand, while ensuring that water, energy consumption, and carbon footprint are reduced in the production process. We integrate our sustainability values into our supply chain: to source fair trade suppliers, to implement mechanisms of recyclability into our manufacturing process, and to research and develop innovative alternative materials to reduce impact to the earth.

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