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Personalised Classics

The Qipao is commonly regarded as the quintessential traditional Chinese clothing, but this is a beautiful misunderstanding. The Qipao made its first appearance in the early 20th century during a cultural exchange between the East and West. Traditional Chinese clothing began to incorporate multidimensional cuts, which were a prominent style from the Western world. Over the years, with continuous innovation and alterations, Oriental fashion has come to highlight the beauty of female bodylines. The Qipao eventually became the perfect combination of traditional Chinese artistic charm and Western expression techniques. This gown has also become a profound cultural symbol and an embodiment of the diversity, compatibility, and uniqueness of contemporary cultures.


Our unique custom-made pieces are gracefully created by talented artisans from China and use the finest fabrics with delicate finishing, tailored to fit everyone's requirements. These masterpieces are assembled by top-notch craftsmen from various parts of China, taking a minimum of 100 hours to create, making each product a luxurious work of art.

Daily Collection

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