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Transcending Traditions

Traditional Chinese clothing has always given the impression of elegance and luxury. The signature collection "THE TIME TRAVELLER” adopts denim, a modern material which attempts to break this interpretation and highlight the fashionable touch over a traditional clothing item, which is a perfect interpretation of the harmonious blend of the old and new, and becoming the timeless classic. 


Denim comes in varied colour tones and is very malleable that creates fabric memories. Each owner of this collection would grant a different “character” to the denim, and creates an irreplaceable outfit. Each piece in the collection advocates personalised touches, in conjunction with different elements such as various washes, dye, patching, embroidery, and ripping, which all insert new dynamics to the garment. This also created sparks towards vintage and haute couture and ultimately it became a unique art piece, full of vibrance, sexiness, at the same time keeping its simplistic feature, emphasising denim being an evergreen staple in the wardrobe.

Demin Collection

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